We Pay The Most Cash For Cars In Portland

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Cash For Cars Portland welcomes you to the world of convenience. We are a specialized wrecked vehicle buying service and offer everyone an opportunity to get rid of his/her junk by selling it against reasonable money. The company provides its services in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington by buying the unwanted vehicles whether or not in a running condition.

Our company has been in to this business over the last many years and providing its services throughout the region. We buy junk cars, be it a car or a van, we take the hassle to visiting the scarp at its given location; provide towing services and paying the cash at the very moment. We take you out of the hassle of carrying it off from your yard and going through the auction and all other procedures. While selling us, you will be sure that you are getting the best price of your scrap.


Get The Most Cash For Your Car Right Now

All you need to do is to follow simple steps and you will get a handful of cash.

Step 1: Give us a call. One of our tow drivers can get out to your house fast.
Step 2: Sign a couple pieces of paper that we bring.
Step 3: We will load up your car and take it away, after paying you the cash that was agreed upon over the phone.

Your quote will be based on the type of car it is, what kind of condition it is in. Where it is located, and if you have the title or not. We will not change the quote upon showing up unless the description of the vehicle is completely different from what you told us initially. We guarantee our phone cash quotes. Nobody in the industry does that. That’s because they all plan on paying you less once they arrive on the scene.

In this world of competition, Cash For Cars has a competitive edge over others because we make our customers the #1 Priority.

  • We offer the most cash for your vehicles.
  • Take all the hassle away and do all the process in 1 day.
  • Makes the best possible use of the scrap.
  • Provide service at all kinds of crazy hours.
  • The company performs all the functions without harming nature by recycling according to codes and laws.

Then what are you waiting for????. Give us a call and a chance to offer you the best price. Our company is at your service 24/7. We will provide you different options for your scarp.

We believe that a car which is not a cost effective, a threat to the environment and unsafe to its owner should be dealt with appropriately. Taking seriously our customer service and environmental safety, Cash For Cars has always taken measures to ensure that everything is taken care of.