Cash For Cars Rochester New York – Choose The Junk Car Boys For Your Vehicle


Selling your car in Rochester can be pretty tricky, especially if you have an unwanted vehicle with problems A.K.A. a junk car. So most likely your best be is going to be to sell your car to a company. Now that’s where things get tricky, because a lot of these “cash for car” companies can be rather shady. You will end up being on the phone all day, and different people will be telling you all kinds of different things. So whose advice can you trust?

Well let me just take care of this issue for you! Here is what you need to look for when selling your car to a junk car company.%Name

  • Are they licensed, insured, and bonded? – This is important because a lot of these car buyers aren’t licensed. They are just a guy with a tow truck that drives your car to a scrap yard. So if your car is repairable, he will try to repair it and re-sell it on Craigslist. The problem with this is that he isn’t a licensed car dealer. That means he will have to re-sell your car even while it is still in your name. He has to do this because otherwise the DMV would fine him if he tried to register it in his companies name first. So he is forced to sell your car illegally. It is very easy to hide this and get away with this tactic for years. So tons of guys are doing this…its bad though because in the end…you are the one left holding the bag if your car gets ticketed, in an accident, or used in any kind of crime.

That is just one of many things to look for when selling your car for cash in Rochester New York. So be wise, and make sure you stay tuned for more facts. If you want to deal with a Licensed and trustworthy auto buyer then you can check out the Junk Car Boys. The Junk Car Boys are known in every major city for putting customer service as their #1 Priority.


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